French magazine proves Farage lied about the so-called assassination attempt

Pride's Purge

farage liesNigel Farage claims that he was the victim of an assassination attempt.

But now French magazine Libération has interviewed the mechanics involved in checking Farage’s car after the accident, as well as looking at the police reports and concluded Farage could well be fabricating just about everything.

Libération says the local prosecutor and the police filed the incident as a normal road traffic accident with no mention of assassination or sabotage.

And the magazine says the mechanic who checked Farage’s car denies he ever mentioned sabotage — as claimed by Farage — and in fact could not have done so because he only communicated with Farage using hand gestures.

Fortunately for Farage, the Libération article is in French, so is unlikely to get any traction from the press over here.

Unfortunately for him, here’s a handy translation of it:

UK: Leader of Ukip a victim of an assassination attempt? Not exactly…

Nigel Farage, the leader of…

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