Proof Cameron’s much vaunted Syria airstrikes are even worse than a failure

Pride's Purge


So it seems Jeremy Corbyn – and the other minority of MPs who voted against airstrikes in Syria – were right.

The strikes against ISIS in Syria are not only a failure – but they are also being strongly criticised by anti-ISIS activists inside the Raqqa region.

Figures released by US Central Command show that – because of a lack of targets – the UK has carried out just 3 bombing missions against ISIS in Syria.

But the much argued-over airstrikes are worse than a failure. They’re actually doing great harm to civilians – most of whom are prisoners of ISIS.

An organisation known as RBBS – which has already received an International Press Freedom Award for its work – is a fearless group of around 18 citizen journalists in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, who risk their lives sending out regular anti-ISIS reports and producing an anti-ISIS magazine inside the city itself.

In a…

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