Why hasn’t Unilever fired alleged Tory bully Mark Clarke? It’s what he wants.

Pride's Purge

tatler clarke

Senior Tory Mark Clarke was expelled from the party after allegations of bullying which resulted in the tragic suicide of a young man (legal bit – Clarke denies the allegations).

But despite the extremely negative publicity surrounding the allegations, Clarke strangely still has a high-flying career as a Senior Director at Unilever:

mark clarke unilever

I say strangely because Clarke himself has openly written about the need for firms to be able to fire employees who have done nothing wrong but are “not going to make the next level.”

“I had an employee who was not going to make the next level. There was nothing abysmal about her but in the performance driven culture of that company it was time for her to move on.”

I would imagine after all of the bad publicity surrounding him, it would be extremely hard for Clarke to “make the next level” in any…

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