Interview with the bringer of Art Battle to Bristol – Douglas Karson – Next round Tuesday 2 October 7pm

Auntie G

I had a chat with the lovely Douglas Karson organiser if Bristol’s Art Battle.
For people who don’t know Art Battle what is the history?
Art Battle International has been going for 15 years now!  Started as a sideline at another event, it was so amazing and well received that they decided to do it again and again.  It has been growing due to popularity and demand!  Its now in over 16 countries with over 300 events a year.
How did you get involved and what is your role?
One day a friend of mine popped up on Facebook as having won “Art Battle” in the States (I am from the US).  I was curious so looked into it.  I know Sven through poetry and as we are both crossover artists, we wanted to do something amazing for artists in Bristol together.  I brought him the idea and we decided…

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