Why did a SKWAWKBOX email re anti-racism make 41 MPs and 3 Peers run to the HuffPost?

Comedian Francesca Martinez went further, saying:

A word on the latest Corbyn ‘mural’ outrage.

This is, as always, about politics. If anyone needs convincing, please read about other socialist leaders around the world. They are routinely called commies, anti-semitic, insane etc. It is an age-old tactic.

Corbyn can’t be touched on policy so they have to manufacture shit-storms.
He is a life-long anti-racist campaigner with a thirty year record of standing against racism in all its forms. He is one of only 8% of MPs to have signed the five UK parliamentary motions that condemned antisemitism.

No other MP has such a record of commitment to fighting racism and anti-semitism.
While we’re all debating whether Corbyn’s a spy or a Putin stooge, or an anti-semite, people are dying in NHS corridors, disabled people are starving to death, our public services are being cut, our assets are being privatised, our wages are being driven down, our environment is plundered and polluted, and wealth and power remain in the hands of the 1%.

Make no mistake, this is a war.
If Corbyn goes, we, the 99%, all lose.

We will never achieve a more equal, democratic, humane and peaceful society, if we allow the elites to destroy anyone who stands up against them.


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