Media focus on Labour but it’s May drowning not waving in #Brexit chaos


drowning.pngIn late 2015, I had one of those ‘shouting at the radio’ moments while listening to Pienaar’s Politics on BBC Radio 5 Live.

John Pienaar interviewed some senior Tory who bemoaned non-stop then-PM David Cameron’s complete inability to get any legislation past Parliament. Moments later, he interviewed a journalist who droned on about the inability of Labour under Corbyn to be ‘effective opposition’ and how bad this was for the country and for democracy. Pienaar mmm’d and aah’d understandingly.

I found myself literally screaming at Pienaar, “Ask the f***ing QUESTION!!” – the “f***ing question” being, of course, “How can you say Labour is ineffective opposition when my Tory last guest was just complaining about not being able to get any legislation through?”

That’s what a real journalist would ask – and of course the question was never put to the droning pundit.

The reality, of course, is that Cameron was forced…

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