Is this the most embarrassing #PMQs answer ever?


may-deerThe SKWAWKBOX has already covered last week’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions), in which Jeremy Corbyn took Theresa May to pieces on the government-created NHS ‘humanitarian crisis’ and Mrs May chose to ‘thank’ the Red Cross for bailing out sinking hospitals by calling them ‘irresponsible’. Denial is not just a river in Egypt, clearly.

But one passage from that exchange bears individual scrutiny because it may be the most embarrassing ‘answer’ to a question ever – and is certainly ‘up there’ in this writer’s experience.

Jeremy Corbyn – even in the eyes of some right-wing commentators – has been regularly ‘winning’ PMQs for a long time now. Most would say he’s been wiping the floor with Theresa May, who has been ever quicker to resort to insults and cheap jibes in an attempt to retain some semblance of control.

But on Wednesday she looked like a deer in the headlights and…

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