Michael Robson, Illegal Immigrants and National Stupid Fuckwit Day


So I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw online was this… https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/105658 which reads:

“Petition: Stop all benefits to illegal immigrants completely.

The Government must act now and stop any form of benefit to all illegal immigrants, there should be no free benefit to those whom illegally enter the UK.

Segregation and deportation for all the illegal immigrants and a life time ban to anyone entering the United Kingdom illegally.

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6,906 signatures


At 10,000 signatures… At 10,000 signatures, government will respond to this petition At 100,000 signatures… At 100,000 signatures, this petition will be considered for debate in Parliament

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  • Created byMichael robson
  • Deadline5 February 2016All petitions run for 6 months”

Presumably today is National Stupid Fuckwit Day but no one bothered to tell me. Still, late to the party I may be, but I’m determined to get into…

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